Top Gear Car Wash is without question the most advanced car wash in the business.

Our Smart Nozzle rear drying jets and incredible Magnum Pro drying system leave your car sparkling. With 3 easy packages to choose from Top Gear Car Wash means great value and great convenience at gas station prices. We hope to see you soon so you can see the difference for yourself Our mission is to provide our customers with the most advanced, easy to use, complete and environmentally friendly car wash available. Making sure the surface of your car is gently and safely cleaned with a finish that sparkles and shines means going beyond the norm. It means partnering with the market leaders in the car wash technology and chemical industry. It means using the most advanced in payment processing systems in the business. It means a commitment to providing you with a real and visible difference from everything else in the market.

Quite simply Top Gear utilizes the very latest in proven technology to quickly and professionally clean all the surfaces of your vehicle in an environmentally responsible manner. Our dual entry lanes with cash, credit card, gift card or VIP FAST PASS processing capability and a completely computerized 137 foot conveyor tunnel system has a capacity for 5 cars at a time or 100 cars per hour which means no waiting. Our second generation envirosoft sponges are light and non porous for a soft and gentle clean with no risk of scratching the finish of your vehicle; in fact they actually have a polishing effect. Our tire brushes, rocker panel, short side, high side and top EnviroSoft sponge wraps and our proprietary Blue Wave high pressure rinse insure a thorough wash. Only the finest and enviro friendly cleaning chemicals along with our mineral free reverse osmosis spot free  water rinse including Clear Coat Protectant are used to insure that you are getting the very best from pre soak soap to wash to dry.

Hand Washing Vs. Automatic Wash

Driveway car washing is widely considered a wholesome ritual for those who care about their cars; yet it’s one of the worst things you can do to your car’s finish. First, rags and sponges used in the process inevitably become impregnated with tiny grit particles that scratch the paint and clear-coat. Since garden hoses often fail to remove all the soap film, soap residue can “bake” into the finish and eat into the paint for days afterward.

University Studies Confirm Hand Washing Harms Vehicle Finishes…

A landmark study by the Technological University of Munich (Germany), in association with Mercedes-Benz, showed automatic car washing to be far superior to driveway washing for preserving automotive finishes. Subsequent tests by the University of Texas Construction Research Center confirmed these findings.

In the Mercedes-Benz tests, 25 washings were conducted on identical new-model sedans having pristine factory paint jobs. Before each washing, the test vehicles were coated with a mix of street dirt, under-fender accumulation, oily water, and thawing-salt residue. The grit particles in the mixture were heavy enough to damage the toughest painted surface.

The hand-washings were performed by average car owners, unaware of the test’s purpose, who were asked to get the cars as clean as possible, using the washing supplies of their choice (garden hose, bucket, sponges, towels, detergents, etc.).

The “sandpaper” effect of hand washing

For the tests, scientists used electron microscopes able to record the density and depth of abrasions down to 0.27 of 1,000th of a millimeter. After 25 hand washings, microphotography revealed a dense, crisscross pattern, of scratches on the vehicle finish, penetrating as far as 10% into the paint thickness. Under high magnification, these scratches formed “sandpaper” patterns attributable to the action of tiny dirt particles trapped in the pores of the rags and sponges used.


A failure to perform under pressure

The tests also showed that typical household garden hoses were unable to generate sufficient water volume and hydraulic pressure to remove all detergent residues from the finish of the car.

A positive reflection on the automatic wash

The machine washes, also, were done under real-world conditions, unannounced beforehand, at a modern commercial car wash. After 25 trips through the automatic wash, micro-photos of the vehicle’s surface showed no sign of the tangle of deep scratches created by hand-washing. In the Texas University tests, the machine washes “reflectiveness readings” (retention of the factory paint’s original luster) were 300-700% higher than with hand washing.

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to provide you with info about the Top Gear Car Wash difference we offer the following frequently asked questions:

Is the mechanical system and equipment of Top Gear safe for my vehicle?

Absolutely. The Top Gear Car Wash incorporates 137 feet of conveyorized state of the art computerized equipment supplied by MacNeil car wash systems a World leader in the car wash industry and a Canadian Company. The system uses variable frequency drives (VFD’s) to conserve energy and is completely electric; this ensures a quieter carwash and no chance of broken hydraulic lines. It is designed to provide effective cleaning at the highest of conveyor speeds with more surface coverage to maximize cleaning. Our cleaning equipment is also designed to operate with controlled, cleaning pressures providing a safe and effective wash. As well the Top Gear Car Wash system uses the “Blue Wave” high pressure rinse which follows the contour of your vehicle to insure a surface thorough rinse.


Does Top Gear Car Wash use brushes?

No. Top Gear Car Wash uses Envirosoft foam sponges instead of brushes for a quiet, safe and gentle wash known as a “soft touch” wash. The Envirosoft foam sponges are non porous and do not hold dirt or particles that can scratch the finish of your car like the heavy felt washers. As well the Envirosoft foam sponges are very light and will not wrap around vehicle protrusions, minimizing the potential for accidents.


Why is it that Top Gear Car Wash is not open every day?

Again, like any business Top Gear Car Wash needs to monitor and adjust its business model to remain healthy and this includes hours of  operation.  After consulting with many others in the industry and monitoring our daily customer counts, it has become clear that the car wash business is affected by the weather.  Just like no one would wash their car at home on a bad weather day, our customers also do not want to wash their cars on days when the weather is inclement.  For this reason, it is managements responsibility to adjust our hours of operation accordingly.  In addition, to ensure Top Gear Car Wash always provides the highest quality car wash in the business, we need to schedule maintenance for our equipment.  While we always do our best to schedule maintenance in a way that least affects our customers, there are times when it is not always in our control.


When will Top Gear Car Wash be closed.

The wash will be closed due to adverse weather conditions which may include rain, snow, Ice storms and extremely low temperatures which affect the computerized equipment in the wash. The wash will also be closed due to mechanical repairs or maintenance.For all other closures see the DAYS CLOSED PAGE.


Does Top Gear Car Wash get involved with local fund raising in the community?

Yes. For more information contact our office manager at the Top Gear Car Wash office for details of how we can help your organization. Please also see our “Fundraising” tab of this site for details or hit this link to be automatically connected.


What are the hours of operation at Top Gear Car Wash?

Top Gear Car Wash is open 7 days a week from 9AM to 6PM Monday to Saturday and Sundays 9AM-5PM on weekends. Weather Permitting, Seasonal Hours may apply.

Will a wash at Top Gear Car Wash clean the wheels of my car?

Yes. Our 2nd Gear wash package includes “wheel brightener” which cleans wheels and tires. Our Top Gear package includes “wheel brightener” AND “tire gloss” which leaves your tires looking show room glossy.


I have oversized tires on my corvette. Will they fit on your car wash conveyor track?

Just drop into our office and we can quickly let you know. Many vehicles with oversized tires will fit on our conveyor but always good to check first. Question: I have dual tandem tires on my truck. Will my vehicle fit on your conveyor? Answer: No, we unfortunately we cannot accommodate vehicles with dual tandem wheels.


What are the stages of a Top Gear Car Wash?

At Top Gear Car Wash there are 4 stages to the wash. First we pre-spray  to loosen dirt and grime. Second is a wash using Envirosoft foam sponges to gently and safely clean. Third is our proprietary Blue Wave high pressure rinse which follows the contour of your vehicle. This rinse is then followed by a gentle mineral free rain storm rinse,the mineral free reverse osmosis rinse water is blow dried off the vehicle resulting in a complete spot and streak free finish.


How long will it take to wash my car? 3 minutes and 37 seconds!

Top Gear Car Wash can wash up to 100 cars per hour. At any one time 5 cars can be in a wash cycle in our 137 foot computerized, fully automated tunnel. In addition, there is a dual entry system. One entrance accepts cash or credit cards and gift cards. The other entrance accepts our Top Gear VIP FAST PASS that uses a radio frequency identification device (RFID) tag/transponder which is applied to the windshield of your car. With a dual entry system and a capacity for 100 cars per hour your car will be washed FAST and at a fraction of the time required by other car washes.


What car wash packages are available?

Please see the “Car Wash Services” tab of this website for all package details and terms and conditions or hit this link to be automatically connected.


What happens if I am in line at one of the dual entry points and I change my mind and do not want to enter the car wash?

Not a problem. Exit through the “escape” lane


Can I vacuum my vehicle at top Gear Car Wash

Absolutely our 6 bay Vacuum centre operates from a powerful energy efficient central vacuum system in our mechanical room and provides maximum suction with no noise.


What vehicles are restricted from entering Top Gear Car Wash?

Obviously, not all vehicles will fit into our 137 foot tunnel system and certain vehicles such as dual tandem wheel vehicles cannot ride our conveyor system. If unsure please contact our office manager for more information. To email your question please click this link.